Welcome to In The Core, Cross Country’s curated weekly newsletter of strong thermic content, including flying tips, films, gear reviews and stories
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In The Core

Welcome to In The Core, Cross Country’s curated weekly newsletter of strong thermic content including flying tips, films, gear reviews and stories.

Read: Cross Country 212

The short review? "It's a work of art." Advance's new Impress 4 is reviewed in the latest issue of Cross Country magazine and it really hits the spot. Worth the wait? Definitely. Expensive? Reassuringly so. Should you break the piggy bank? Yep! Available to all subscribers now, XC212 has been hitting digital in-boxes and real-world mailboxes around the world for the last couple of weeks. Check out what else is in it.

We love Aljaz Salkic’s filmmaking. The talented pilot and media pro has just released a 10-minute film of a vol-bivouac hike-and-fly through the mountains on the border of Slovenia and Austria. If you need a dose of inspiration and adventure this Friday, then this is it!
The Pandemic

Sad news from the competition world this week as, despite best efforts, the FAI European Paragliding Championships have been cancelled. Due to be held in Serbia later this month the pandemic situation just made it impossible. Commiserations to the organisers and pilots – we look forward to it happening in 2022 instead. In the same vein, the FAI (World Air Sports Federation) have issued new "Covid guidelines" for air sports events and competitions. Aimed at organisers, they are worth reading if you fly as a club or from an airfield.
Flying Annecy?

Annecy is a beautiful spot and we love it, but the crowds have been a bit of an issue this season. In fact, last week the FFVL, France's free flight federation, issued a plea to pilots and commercial tandems in Annecy to behave sensibly and "with common sense". Parking and pushy behaviour on launch have been an issue. We all know that's not what flying is about, so if you want to avoid the crowds this season, take a look at our Travel Guides (online and in print) and the excellent Topo Guide to Free Flying Sites in France for some inspiration. There are literally hundreds of other sites to choose from. Stay cool!
Adventure XC

There have been some huge flights flown in Iran this week. Soheil Barikani led the charge, with a 440km flight across the country on 2 August – a new Asian record. But Iran! What’s it like to fly there? In this in-depth travel feature from the Cross Country archive US pilot Nick Greece describes his journey as he sets out to first get a visa to enter the country, and then to meet the pilots who fly there and finally, go XC.
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